Local extensions

Dirk Koopman G1TLH

Last modified: Mon Dec 28 22:43:23 GMT 1998


The DXSpider system is designed to be extensible, to facilitate experimentation and self-training in both Amateur Radio and Programming.

Having said all of that it is also designed so that it should be relatively easy to solve some real world problems that we have in the DX Cluster network as well as allow the implementation and testing of new protocols relatively safely.

What is it?

The mechanism I have chosen to allow people to do their own thing, is a perl .pm file called Local.pm. It is simply a perl package with its own address space, which has a number of defined subroutines called from certain places in the daemon code. I have provided a "blank" version for you to modify.

Where is it?

The template is /spider/perl/Local.pm. This file should be copied into /spider/local and then modified to your taste.

At the moment, the template's format and standard functions are not really finalised, but I won't take away the functions that are currently there and I won't rename them. I reserve the right to add to them!

As and when I get a clearer idea of what people might wish to do with it and how, I will add to the documentation on this page. So for now: this is it!


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