ICOM IC F30LT voor amateurgebruik

The ICOM IC F30LT is not intended for HAM radio use, but it appears to be easily programmable for 2 meters (145MHz) frequencies. This includes split frequencies needed for repeater use, and CTSCC audio.

A Service Manual for this handset is available from the internet. A picture of this ICOM handset as shown above, shows that there's an interface available behind a cover that is located on top of the unit behind the volume/channel selector. Unfortunately there are three problems to be solved before the handset can be programmed:

This page shows how this has been solved.

When removing the cover on the top of the unit a connector shows itself. After some thought, I found that it might be possible to cut a piece of unetched PCB and carve the connections for this connector in place. Given the fact I would not program this units every day, any interim solution would be fine. The resuls of my handcrafting are not great, but it appears to work. The shown piece of PCB is 3mm wide and 3cm high. The carved connections are 1mm apart.

A small circuit to convert the TTL serial communication signals to RS-232 signals is shown below. You can easily see this was put together from available parts. Would I have had availability of a commonly used MAX232 IC, I'd probably have used it instead. The picture also shows how the connector is to be connected and hooked to the connector on the ICOM handset.

The circuit shown has been built on another piece of copperclad board, as shown. Given the very rare use it was an easy choice to use Manhattan style for putting the parts together.

All the above describes the hardware needed to communicate between a PC with a serial port and this ICOM handset. This software is available on this website as well. Note that this text based program only works when run on a bare MS-DOS machine. Even running it in a DOS box on an old Windows 98 machine, wasn't good enough.